Shackles Off

1a South Parade, Seascale CA20 1PZ

X-treme meets at Shackles Off every Sunday at 10:15 for lively worship, for secondary school age and above. See their website for more information, call 019467 27887, or email

Shackles Off Youth Project is an innovative and developing youth provision and fresh expression of church, situated in the Seascale area of West Cumbria. It was started by Lyn Edwards following a dream. Lyn came from Pembroke and with the help of volunteers from Seascale Methodist Church, 10 years ago, Shackles Off was born. The main aim is to help young people foster their personal, social and spiritual development and to empower them to make a positive and fuller contribution to the local community and to society. 169 children and young people access the services. 
This project is currently led by Mandy Taylor.