Lamplugh, Kirkland & Ennerdale


Lamplugh, Kirkland and Ennerdale Local Ecumenical Partnership was created after the closure of Kirkland Methodist Chapel in 1995. This ecumenical partnership uses three Anglican buildings in our sparsely populated rural parish – St Michael’s in Lamplugh, St Mary’s in Ennerdale and Kirkland Mission Church.

The LEP sends representatives to our circuit meetings, while our Superintendent is ex officio on the church council.

One service a month is taken by a preacher from the Methodist plan.  Currently the parish is staffed by the Anglicans on a ‘house for duty’ basis and the incumbent is a Methodist supernumerary minister.

Kirkland Mission Church

Find us here: 4 Kelton Croft, Kirkland CA26 3YE

St Michael’s, Lamplugh

Find us here: Lamplugh CA14 4TY

St Mary’s, Ennerdale

Find us here: Ennerdale, CA23 3BA